Most Used Software Languages in the World

Most Used Software Languages in the World

According to the results of the developer survey of Stackoverflow, the information resource frequently visited by programmers, the most popular programming, scripting and markup languages were announced. Approximately 1000 developers from Turkey participated in the survey, to which nearly 100 thousand developers in the world contributed. According to the results of the survey, it stands out that server management and machine learning are a little more prominent in the software industry this year. It also gives us an idea about the most used software languages in the world.


C++, an Object-Oriented programming language, has always been one of the most widely used languages since its development. Especially when it comes to performance, C++ is one of the first choices. Because when compared to other programming languages, C++ is a language that is updated much more frequently. It is still actively used because it is used as the main language in many games, operating systems and applications. C++, which forms the basis of Amazon and Google Chrome, is also actively used in the field of robotics.


Although Python and JavaScript have been replaced in recent years, PHP was the most popular back-end programming language until a few years ago, its main task is to control background processes, events and produce results. It’s possible to build anything from simple blog sites quickly developed with a web-based programming language like PHP, to constantly evolving websites like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and online games.


C#, also known as C Sharp, is a language developed by Microsoft and is very similar to Java. C# programming language is designed for server and embedded systems. However, it covers from the simplest functional function to the most elaborate using the operating system. It is often used to build applications that enterprise customers use.


Python is a high-level programming language that is easy to use and can be used in any field, and it continues to grow. In addition to the fact that many artificial intelligence studies in the world are carried out over Python, platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest are also developed with Python. Many people in the programming world recommend Python for beginners and point out this future programming language candidate.

Bash / Shell

A pre-designed list of commands for Bash is a program that is declared to an operating system to run automatically. Thanks to Bash, processes can be automated without the need for user intervention for frequently encountered situations. For example, a program can be written that checks all the files of your system at certain times every day, and backs up only the ones that have changed from the previous day. Or a bash/shell command can convert any “.bmp” file to “.jpg” every time the operating system is started.


The most common way to build Android applications, Java was created by Sun Microsystems and is used today for databases, Android applications, computer applications, and more. Java; It is a simple, modern, object-oriented, user-friendly and fast application development tool with type protection. It has all the skills of a general-purpose language and has all the good features of C and C++. As an extra, it has the ability to run on many platforms. Therefore, we can think of Java as both a programming language and an environment. This environment includes the operating system, networks, internet programming, database and all middleware technologies.


Pronounced “sequel,” SQL stands for structured query language and is actually a database management system. It allows us to perform operations on the data during the query. It allows you to deal with large amounts of data by accessing and managing databases. It is often used in conjunction with another language, such as PHP, in SQL. Applications and computer programs with large data can easily be managed by using the SQL system.


Cascading Style Sheets or CSS, in Turkish, is a programming language commonly used for designing websites and browser-based applications. Styles allow you to specify how an HTML element will look, allowing you to quickly and effectively change the image. It is easy to edit. It also does not create code redundancy on your website.


Although it is not technically a programming language, we can define HTML as a “markup language”, which is the basis of the structure of each website. With this markup language, text, video and image changes are made on websites as desired, and the pages are connected to each other. In this way, an image is created in the web browser as desired. As HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used at the same time, visual and dynamic websites can be created as desired.


Used in both the public and private sectors, JavaScript is the most popular language used on GitHub. In addition to being one of the most used software languages by enabling developers to create interactive elements on websites, it is also used in the Internet of Things and some game development areas. If you want to work on the front-end of any project, that is, the front part that the user sees, JavaScript will be the right programming language for you.

C Language

C language is a very old programming language that is used in word processors, database systems, operating systems and many other areas, but today it continues to be one of the most used programming languages in the world. It has a flexible structure and is highly efficient and modular. The C programming language is an intermediate language. In other words, low-level languages are languages that require a lot of code that is close to machine language, and high-level languages are languages that require little code writing but run a lot of code in the background. The C programming language is between these two levels.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Ruby is an open source programming language that stands out with its simplicity. In addition, Rails is a plugin framework that simplifies the creation of web applications built in the Ruby language. This language is the basis of many applications that you use in your daily life. Its language structure is very close to JavaScript. Applications such as GitHub, Airbnb, Twitter (front-end), Twitch, SoundCloud, Zendesk are actively using Ruby. That’s why we include Ruby in the list of software languages.